Professional Christian Counseling

While R4L offers a wide range of counseling approaches, Temperament Therapy is our basic foundational approach.

Temperament, in simple terms, is the God designed, genetic in-born part of a person that determines how we react to people, places and things. In short, it influences how we interact with our environment. Temperament counseling pinpoints our perception of ourselves and the people around us. It is the determining factor in how well we cope with everyday stress and pressure.

Temperament Therapy is a positive and affirming method based on the belief that everyone is created with a unique temperament and purpose for life.

Why Temperament Therapy Works

Temperament Therapy is an effective, organized method of counseling that often works when other counseling has not. Temperament Therapy helps clients understand why they do the things they do. It addresses problems rather than symptoms. It focuses on the needs of the individual and how these needs can be met.

We follow a step-by-step procedure developed to target problems and bring immediate relief and long term solutions to each client’s unique situation. Respectful of where all clients are spiritually, the Temperament process appropriately includes prayer and biblical solutions that when applied, bring lasting freedom from life’s besetting problems.

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  1. Ready4Life Counseling says:

    MA & Ph.D. Clinical Counseling
    NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor
    I practice under MS Code Title 73-30-25
    Certified Temperament Counselor
    NCCA Professional Clinical Member
    Marriage & Family
    Childhood & Adolescence
    Substance Abuse & Addictions

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