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Just because both parties are Christian does not mean that a relationship is safe from problems. I thought I would share a few very simple dating tips that may help you as you navigate your way as a Christian through the perilous waters of the dating relationship.

1. Talk through your problems. This means never saying goodbye when you are angry or have unsettled issues that you know you need to discuss.  Minor irritations can grow into sore spots much like a tiny splinter in your finger.

2. Remember to forget: To err is human but to forgive is divine. The truth is, every relationship will need massive doses of forgiveness if it is going to survive.  We all say and do stupid things from time to time.  Forgiving your date as the Scriptures say “can cover a multitude of sins.” 

3. Let your first response be trust. 1 Corinthians 13 says love believes all things. In a dating relationship this means trusting your partner when he or she says something to you. One small seed of distrust can kick your imagination into overdrive.  You will begin to filter every conversation through a filter of suspicion.

4. Don’t be afraid to express your true feeling and be vulnerable with your Christian date. Vulnerability encourages closeness.

5 Always be honest about everything.  Telling the truth is always the best plan especially when it comes to enjoying a long lasting dating relationship. One lie can destroy all the trust you have built up in a dating relationship.

6. Praying for and with each other.  This really does help couples and families stay together. Don’t under-estimate the power of prayer to heal relationship wounds. It is so hard to stay mad at someone when you are praying for them.

7. Get sound Christian counseling from a respected leader in your church on how you can improve your relationship.

Whether you are struggling in your present relationship, or you are simply looking forward to having a positive and enduring Christian dating experience in the future that may even lead to marriage, the above dating advice can go a long way toward helping you achieve those goals.

In fact these tips can go a long way in improving any relationship.  I know this is not an all inclusive list.  If you have others tips you would like to share on this topic, please drop your comment in the box below.  I reserve the right to publish the ones that I feel are helpful (after all, it is my blog).

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